Our Services


Gray Engineering has over 25 years helping our clients successfully complete numerous land development projects in a wide variety of market sectors including large and small scale retail commercial, residential, industrial and both public and private institutional. We have the experience and technical knowledge to know what the client needs from the outset of the project and are able to deliver these services with quality and efficiency, exceeding the client’s expectations.
Gray Engineering can take a project from beginning to end. We can provide most any civil engineering service from conceptual land planning and site layout design using the latest GIS data, demolition planning, final site design, grading design, storm drainage and utility design, stormwater management, erosion and sedimentation control. We can also assist our clients with outside consulting services such as surveying and geotechnical services, along with many others listed below.
Our expertise in the timely acquisition of regulatory approvals for land development projects is notable. From municipal zoning approvals to state transportation and stormwater permits, Gray Engineering has successfully secured permits for all aspects of land development projects in a quick and cost-effective manner. Our clients know when they use Gray Engineering, we will help ensure that their projects succeed.

Gray Engineering has the expertise needed to plan, design and prepare final roadway and utility designs for any of our clients, both public and private. We have experience in working with state transportation departments, as well as local cities and counties on roadway improvements, new road designs, and road relocations. Gray Engineering can perform the horizontal and vertical curve design to meet any of the governing authorities design standards, develop Typical Roadway Sections and develop Cross Sections along the improvements as well as the needed Cost Evaluations, Drainage Design, Erosion Control Design, Signing and Pavement Marking Design and Traffic Control Design.
We also regularly work with the local and state water and sewer authorities for utility design on almost every project to design the necessary improvements per their standards and specifications. Gray Engineering can perform Water System Design to service the project in a number of ways including fire flow testing, domestic water supply design, fire protection lines, irrigation systems and Fire Pump Systems. Gray Engineering can perform Sanitary Sewer Design to service the project including gravity sanitary sewer systems, sewer trunklines, sanitary sewer lift stations and force main design. Gray Engineering has the technical knowledge and expertise to prepare the necessary plans, profiles, and specifications and secure the necessary permits to ensure the infrastructure is sufficient to serve to our client’s projects.

Gray Engineering understands the importance of minimizing the impact of development on our waterways and wetlands. With each development, we specially design a permanent water quality stormwater management system using the latest modeling software and design techniques to suit a specific location in order to meet or exceed the standards and specifications set by the municipality or regulatory agency for that particular site. From small sites to large, from simple systems to complex, Gray Engineering can apply the appropriate stormwater management methods and specific the appropriate BMPs to maximize your usable project area. Stormwater Wetland Ponds, Dry and Wet Detention Ponds, Enhanced Water Quality Swales, Bioretention Ponds and Infiltration Ponds are just some of the permanent stormwater management features that can be designed to improve water quality with a development.
Gray Engineering also understands the importance of erosion and sedimentation control to minimize the impact to the environment during construction. With each development, we prepare a specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that specifies all the required BMP installation and maintenance documents as well as all the required documentation that needs to be maintained throughout the construction period until the project site is permanently stabilized and approved by both the owner and the appropriate regulatory agency. Sedimentation Basins, Sediment Traps, Skimmer Basins, Riprap Design, Inlet Protection, Silt Fencing, Organic Erosion Control Blankets, Silt tubes, Inlet Filters, Intercepting Channels and stone and grassing stabilization are just some of the temporary erosion and sedimentation control features that can be designed to minimize the impact of downstream property and waterways.

Gray Engineering is responsive to our clients no matter if the project is a small community roadway and subdivision project to multi-million dollar business / retail complex. Throughout every phase of every project, our inspectors can oversee the construction and installation of concrete and bituminous pavements, drainage systems, detention/retention ponds, sanitary sewers, pump stations & force main, water lines, utilities, grading activities, and wetlands construction. Our professionals will monitor construction performance to verify compliance with contract drawings, specifications, and regulatory standards to ensure that quality workmanship occurs within budget and on time.

Typical Services We Provide

• Site Planning and Evaluation
• Site Selection
• Layouts and Subdividing
• Road Design
• MS4 Permitting
• DOT Related Design and Permitting
• Rezoning
• Grading and Storm Drainage Design
• Stormwater Management Design and Analysis
• Water Quality Design
• Sediment and Erosion Control Design
• Flood Studies and FEMA Related Work
• Utility Design
• Municipal Utility and Infrastructure Design
• Railroad Spur Design
• Landscaping and Presentation Drawings
• Site Related Permitting
• Site Related Details, Notes, and Specifications
• Value Engineering
• Scheduling
• Estimating
• Bid Packages
• Project Administration
• Draw Request Verification
• Construction Inspection
• CEPSCI Inspections
• Professional Witness
• Any other site/construction related service you can probably imagine.

Services with Outside Consultants

• Surveying
• Landscape Service
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Phase I ESA
• Traffic engineering
• Environmental (Jurisdictional wetlands and waters of State/US)
• Endangered species and historical/cultural surveys
• Structural engineering
• Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing engineering
• Architectural